Thursday, 28 April 2016

News from Carillionamey

Accommodation Officers at the ready!

Did you know that CarillionAmey employ around 120 Accommodation Officers (AOs) in our Housing contract across the UK? These people, some of them serving or ex-military service people themselves, play a vital role in taking care of families during Move In and Move Out and while families are living in their Service Family Accommodation (SFA).

Paul is one of CarillionAmey’s AOs. Paul and other experienced people like him are playing an essential role in our improvement plan which aims to address the issues families have experienced in the past around moving in and out of SFA and dealing with maintenance and repair issues. 

Paul tells us what a typical day is like for him in RAF Lyneham where he is based.

 ‘I spent some of this morning with the Jones’ who are getting ready to move home, helping them to prepare well for ‘move out’.  I then spoke to their next door neighbour about a boiler issue, making sure that we were doing everything we needed to help sort the repair quickly.
Another aspect of my work is making sure that properties are prepared in time for families moving in. This week, I’m overseeing eight families moving into MOD Lyneham which has really kept me busy, having to turn around eight properties in 15 days can sometimes be a challenge”.

As well as his day to day job, Paul, because he has worked at RAF Lyneham for eight years and looks after 400 service family properties, has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him.  Paul is helping share that knowledge across the business, helping out people like Tania, one of our newer AOs to join us to support families in Gosport.

Tania, is just one of 17 new AOs CarillionAmey has brought onto the Housing contract this year. Tania served in the Women’s Royal Army Corps and her 18 year old son joins HMS Raleigh this year, so she has a real connection with the families she meets.

So look out for our AOs in your area. Many of them like Tania come from a service background so they understand your situation and will do their best to resolve your issues as soon as they can. We know there’s further improvement needed. We believe our great AOs will play a big role in our journey.