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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dog Owners On Gamecock Barracks


  1. CO’s policy on Control of Dogs (to be found on Moss in the SHEF area.
  2. Regimental Standing Order on Pets in the Workplace (Chapter 23 of Standing Orders).

All dogs in Gamecock Barracks (whether in Single Living Accommodation, Service Families Accommodation, or being brought into the workplace), must be registered with the QM Dept by order of the Station Commander, CO 30th  Signal Regiment.

Owners must read the policy and SO at refs A&B (to be found on Moss, with a hard copy at the Families Office) and complete the forms as directed in the SO at the earliest opportunity. You must complete annexes B,D & E and return them with the vaccination and insurance certificates to either the Unit Safety Advisor at the QM Dept, or to the Welfare Office.

Failure to comply with the policy and SO will result in the owner having to remove their dog from Gamecock Barracks.

For further information contact the Unit Safety Advisor on ext 2921.