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Friday, 6 March 2020

BFBS rebranding

The launch of our new brand:
Our charity and organisation – and our services to entertain, inform, connect and champion the armed services, their families and veterans – are now all known as BFBS. So we’ll no longer use the SSVC name for our charity, or the CSE, Forces Cinemas and Forces Network brands for some of our services. We’re all BFBS now! Take a look at our short animation in the link above.

The change is based on feedback from our audiences, customers, stakeholders and staff – who all said BFBS is the name they know, respect and, in many cases, have an emotional attachment to based on their experiences of our services and people when serving overseas and during operational deployments.

And, to mark the new BFBS brand, as you can see from the video, we’ve also got a fresh new identity – to reflect that we’re a forward-looking organisation that will deliver the kinds of media and broadcast services our audiences and customers will want in the coming years.

Finally, for the platforms on which we provide award-winning content about the armed forces for everyone from the serving military to the curious civilian, there’s our new sister brand, Forces – which has a similar visual identity to reflect its very close relationship with BFBS.

In short, we have a new simpler brand hierarchy and identity, but with all the core BFBS values of quality, trust and going the extra mile unchanged.

You can now visit our new website bfbs.com to find out about all our services, while you can continue to find all the best military-themed stories and news at forces.net.
We look forward to working with and supporting you throughout 2020 and beyond.