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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

DCYP Podcast - Global Education Matters

Global Education Matters – A new Podcast series to explore the education options available to UK military families in key worldwide locations
Andrew Malcolm and Ed Harris are Senior Education Officers within the Global Education Team in the MOD. As part of their role, Andrew and Ed complete reviews of education systems and schools in key global locations. The team wanted to create a way for the information and knowledge generated through these reviews to be easily available and accessible to armed forces families, including family members without access to MOD IT systems.

The team have therefore begun to publish a series of Podcasts to provide information about local education systems, schools and the range of opportunities and experiences families can explore in local worldwide areas.

The series is beginning with a broad look at education systems in the USA, which is one of the MOD’s largest footprints of UK armed forces families. Following this, we will be exploring some of the key specific locations our families are assigned to in the US, beginning with Washington DC and the surrounding area; subsequently moving onto other key areas of the US and then wider global locations.

Parents can access the Podcast series at https://tinyurl.com/GlobalEdTeam. It is also available on the main Podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts by searching Global Education Matters.