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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

HIVE Stories

Lindsay Edmeades 
HISO Sennelager August 2019 – July 2020
I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to work for HIVE following the drawdown of British Forces Germany (BFG). The community remaining was much smaller and the HIVE was reduced in size too, although it was still the central point for information in the new British Army Germany (BA(G)). 

There were still a lot of changes to the facilities following drawdown of BFG so after two office moves, HIVE was finally established within Brydon House along with the Welfare and Community Support Team, and this enabled me to work closely with them. 

My challenge was to set up the HIVE in a new location and build upon and amend the information to hand so that it was relevant for the community remaining, whether Serving, family members or UKBC. After a lot of research, I was required to ensure core information was up to date, and I sourced information about events and places to visit around the local and regional area. I established a weekly email update that was distributed to the community which included Garrison need-to-know information, and local events. I love working with people so also thoroughly enjoyed talking to and assisting everyone that came through the HIVE door. 

COVID-19 then struck in March 2020, and my new challenge was to keep everyone informed, but now remotely. Working closely with the Welfare and Community Support Team and other work units, I did this by increasing the frequency of the Sennelager HIVE update email and using the HIVE blog platform that could be referred to at any time. Included were updates from the German Authorities, the Medical Centre, the school, UK news and messages from the Chain of Command. 

I was able to support the community until posted with my husband, and Lisa from the UK took over managing the Sennelager HIVE update remotely until my role was filled by a new HISO. 

Thank you to HIVE for the opportunity to make a difference and have the chance to work with so many fantastic people!