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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Over 37 Provision: Waiver of SLA Accommodation Charges; widening of E&E.

 Background. The Over 37 Provision is intended to support Service Personnel in the latter stages of their career to settle their family and serve unaccompanied. To enable and support this provision SP can access a SLA waiver of accommodation charges. This supports unaccompanied service in the latter part of a SP career.

Ref. JSP 752 Version 47 dated 1 Jul 21 Ch 12 Sect 7.

Policy Development. From 1 Jul 21 the SLA waiver element of the Over 37 Provision will be widened. Historically this has been linked to the UK and has not been accessible to SP with a Specified Personal Residence (SPR) overseas. This restriction to the SLA waiver will be removed.

The SLA waiver authority has been moved from JSP 752 to JSP 464. While policy direction exists in JSP 752 the authority for this policy now rests within JSP 464 coalesced with the other Service SLA waivers. This policy change is expected to impact c.140 SP who have family overseas and have, up to 1 Jul 21, been charged SLA accommodation rates. APSG have reinforced this policy change down the FC. Units have been directed to review their affected cohort in line with the updated JSP 752 policy (Ref A).